Software Developer Intern (Mobile Games)

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Engineering | Full-time | Fully remote


PerBlue is looking for passionate Software Developer Interns to join our team of experienced engineers and game designers. We’re a growing independent studio whose free-to-play midcore mobile games have been played by millions people around the world, including our award-winning Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Our cross-functional and collaborative team has experience across the videogame industry. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, we also offer remote work within the United States for an unmatched quality of life and work.

We have available full-time internships for Front-End, Game Engine, and Back-End developers for the summer of 2021. You'll be working on real games, shipping real code, and have real responsibilities. You’ll be embedded on a production team where you'll work side-by-side with engineers on a cross-functional team working on large distributed server systems, network stacks, game mechanics, artificial intelligence, client side development, and user interface implementations.  


Key responsibilities - Front-End and Engine Developers

As a Software Developer Intern in a Front-End or Game Engine role, you’ll be working with our front-end rendering engines and implementing UI of our mobile games. You’ll push the limits of mobile technologies to achieve top-notch graphics at optimal performance, and create a pixel perfect user experience especially on real-time simulations and gameplay mechanics. You will play a key role in integrating and bringing to life high quality art assets that are on the leading edge of the industry, and ensure that we come to market with the best possible graphic quality.


Key responsibilities - Back-End Developers

As a Software Developer Intern in a Back-End role, you'll be responsible for implementing backend systems that support our suite of cross-platform mobile games. You’ll solve big, complex technical problems and build highly scalable systems and servers that are able to handle TBs of data and thousands of simultaneous network connections to serve our games to large user bases.



  • Java or C# programming background
  • A passion for all things programming with amazing technical skills
  • Desire and willingness to learn new technology and tools
  • Be results-oriented and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • A focus on product and an eye for quality
  • Completion of interesting side projects
  • Self-motivation, self-direction, and strong remote communication skills as this will be a remote-first opportunity


Other qualifications—

  • Mobile development experience (Android, iOS/Objective-C)
  • Familiar with Unity or other engine, LibGDX, and/or SPINE animation framework
  • Experience with OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, or Metal with experience in writing shaders in GLSL or HLSL
  • An interest and passion for gaming
  • Ability to effectively communicate with team-members and management
  • Prior experience at a game studio (mobile, console, or PC)
  • Previously shipped a mobile app or multiplayer game


Our interns are part of a live work environment. You’ll work on live games and will be expected to ship code. Perks include lunch and snack box deliveries, mentorship from experienced mobile game devs, and more!

No agencies, please. This is a pretty good description of this job but not a complete job description, and is subject to change. We regret that we cannot consider visa sponsorship or candidates based outside of the United States at this time.